Wam Bam thank you mam!

11 Apr

What a truly fantastic week I’ve just had! Turning 30 hasn’t been bad at all. Grey hair and wrinkles haven’t even had time to enter my head.

I was treated by my wonderful boyfriend to a night at the Wam Bam Club held at the impressive Cafe de Paris in London’s Piccadilly. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW…….when can I go again. It was a night of sensory overload with a lovely 3 course meal, comedy, cabaret and of course plenty BURLESQUE : )

All the acts were sexy, sassy, confident and creative which lead to a truly electric night. The evening was hosted by the superb Lady Alex who’s enthusiasm and naughtiness made the experience fun and very memorable.

For me the burlesque acts stole the show and left me wanting more and also wanting to be a burlesque babe myself. I was very tempted when a lovely girl came round after the show to sell nipple tassels! If only they made them for big boobs!

All in all it was a 1st class experience that I would highly recommend.

Over and out.
Burlesque Babe wannabe


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