Shoes glorious shoes

14 May

I have just returned from a fabulous camping trip which has left me super excited about the summer. Festivals, more camping, holidays and hen do’s! This is a lot for my precious Vivienne Westwood shoes to take (yes they go everywhere with me!). They need serious protection from my summer of fun so I made this delightful shoe bag to keep them safe : )


1. Cut 2 pieces of your chosen fabric. Big enough for your shoes. Mine where 16.5inches x 15inches
2. On each piece fold over the top by 1.5inches. Sew the bottom of the fold meaning it leaves a hole all the way through.

3. With good side facing sew the 2 pieces of material together. Do not sew the top hem as this is the opening of the bag.
4. For neatness cut the corners.

5. Turn the bag the right way and thread your chosen ribbon through the gap left from the folds at the top
6. Place your shoes in side, tie up and take them away on holiday


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