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The Commute!

21 Aug


The commute….urgh…..the bain of my life. 3 hours a day gone.

While I was on the train this morning I took a look around to see the same faces, sat in the same seats, reading the same paper…..I was included in this. Surely this isn’t right I thought?! So with begrudging looks I threw my paper away and moved seats. For the rest of my journey I sat back and stared out of the window watching the world go by.

Boy I’ve been missing out! I saw beautiful wild flowers, a family of foxes out for their morning stroll, bee hives & allotments galore with wonderful fruit and veg. It really did give me a positive vibe for the rest of the day in the office (I didn’t even pull a face when I spilt my tea!).

Go on I dare you to daydream on your commute tomorrow….you might just like it : )





Vintage biscuit tin love & shortbread hearts

19 Aug

How stunning is this tin?!



As soon as I saw it my heart fluttered a little. The design, colours & birds are so beautiful. I didn’t realise until I got home that it’s a Peek, Frean & Co tin. Not knowing anything about them I did a quick search & found out they produced biscuit & other confectionary. Established in 1857 in Bermondsey, London. They introduced their first cream sandwich biscuit in 1910, which we know today as the Bourbon. I was amazed to see how many different types of tins they produced & how collectible they are. On the back of mine says ‘By appointment to the late King George VI’ which dates it to the 1950’s…..amazing!

I wondered how long it had been since it was filled with delicious biscuits….I didn’t want it to be lonely so made it some shortbread hearts : )
-125g unsalted butter
– 55g caster sugar
– 180g plain flour

1. Heat oven to 180c.
2. Beat the butter & sugar together until smooth. Stir in the flour until you get a paste like ball.
3. Empty onto a floured surface & roll to 1cm thick.
4. Make heart shapes using a cookie cutter.
5. Place them onto a nonstick baking tray & put in the fridge for 20mins.
6. Take out of the fridge & bake in the oven for 15mins.
7. When ready, take out of the oven, leave to cool & sprinkle sugar over them.
8. Eat & enjoy



P.S Biscuit tins are my new obsession : )

Kitchen Magic

4 Aug

Giddy with excitement & pacing around the office I was waiting for the post to arrive. My ‘Gizzi’s Kitchen Magic’ cookbook was on it’s way & I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

Ripping open the packaging I was greeted with a beautiful front cover……the gorgeous Gizzi sprinkling glitter on a cake! Oh yes this book was going to be good!


I wasn’t disappointed. As well as the beautiful photos & imagery the recipes are mouthwateringly gorgeous! Easy to follow instructions & great basic tips means you cannot go wrong.

Get this book in your life people, cook up a storm & impress at that dinner party!

The first thing I tried was the Earl Grey Cake. It was bloody delicious & didn’t last long.



Next on the list is the Afgan Chicken…Nom Nom Nom : )

Over & out