The Commute!

21 Aug


The commute….urgh…..the bain of my life. 3 hours a day gone.

While I was on the train this morning I took a look around to see the same faces, sat in the same seats, reading the same paper…..I was included in this. Surely this isn’t right I thought?! So with begrudging looks I threw my paper away and moved seats. For the rest of my journey I sat back and stared out of the window watching the world go by.

Boy I’ve been missing out! I saw beautiful wild flowers, a family of foxes out for their morning stroll, bee hives & allotments galore with wonderful fruit and veg. It really did give me a positive vibe for the rest of the day in the office (I didn’t even pull a face when I spilt my tea!).

Go on I dare you to daydream on your commute tomorrow….you might just like it : )




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