Christmas Hamper – Homemade Lavender Handcream

17 Dec

Yay my Christmas Hampers are starting to take shape! Following on from yesterdays post my next homemade item is some wonderful Lavender Handream.

The method I use is from an amazing book called ‘Recipes for Natural Beauty’ by Neals Yard. It’s filled with gorgeous guides to make your own natural beauty products. If you haven’t already got this book you must stick it on your Santa list!

This handcream smells amazing & has a lovely creamy consistency which is great to put on before you go to bed…..when you wake up you’ll have the most wonderful smooth moisturised hands!

What you’ll need
– 8g cocoa butter
– 5g beeswax
– 30ml almond oil
– 45ml rosewater
– 10g emulsifying wax
– 10 drops of Lavender oil (or you can use any essential oil you like)


1. Melt the cocoa butter, beeswax and almond oil in a bowl over hot water.
2. Heat the rosewater slightly and dissolve the emulsifying wax into it.
3. Stir the rosewater/emulsifying wax mix very slowly into the oil mixture. Mix slowly until the cream cools.
4. Add the lavender oil and stir. Put into jars.
5. Hand out as presents and make people smile.
It will keep for about 2months

Remember to keep some for yourself : )



Merry Christmas x


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