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Holidays, a proposal & one very excited girl

24 May

Hello guys and gals!

It’s been a while, I know I’ve been slack. Just thought I’d share my wonderful news that I’m getting married! Very very excited and will need lots of advice and tips to get me started (seriously I have no idea!).

We have just return from a fabulous 3 week trip travelling around Bali. It was magical and the food was to die for! We spent a week in Ubud and then headed to the Gili Islands where the other half popped the question on the beach while watching the sunset! It was perfect 🙂

Both myself and my FIANCE (I still can’t stop giggling every time I say that!) love Asian food so decided to go on a traditional Balinese cooking course. We had a great day and learnt so many new dishes. Over the next week I’ll be making some of them and putting them on here for you all to see.

We also did diving for the first time…..I was so nervous before hand but once I got used to it couldn’t get enough! It’s my new obsession and will definitely do it again! I even got to swim with turtles! Yep I class myself as cool now.

Although Bali was awesome I still don’t think anything can beat Thailand. The people, the spicy food, the culture and the beauty.

Photos and recipes to follow.

Over and out xxx



A life decluttered

8 Sep


I’ve just returned feeling very refreshed from my holiday in Spain. I always find holidays are a great time to refocus. While sunning myself on the beach I realised my life back at home was way to cluttered! Before my holiday I was stressed, tired, cranky and anxious & I vowed not to go back as that person……and so my life declutter began.

One question I asked myself was:
Why do I find it so hard to say no? Why do I say yes/maybe to things when I really don’t want to do them?

I went through my diary for the past year & I was shocked to see how much of my time I spent with people and in situations I really didn’t like!

I decided to make 3 columns on a piece of paper and wrote down

1) all the things I HAVE to do e.g work, paying bills

2) all the things I LOVE to do e.g yoga, spending time with my family, baking

3) all the things that make me feel urgh : ( e.g watching crappy TV, spending money & time with people who drain me of energy, worrying about silly things.

Obviously the items in the urgh section are the things I’m going to get rid of and I’m going to focus on the things I LOVE column making sure I surround myself with people who make me smile & doing things I enjoy : )

Hurrah to the life declutter!!!

Lots of love

Here are 2 great tips for stress relief:
1) Wear lipstick everyday it will make you smile & feel confident
2) Take 10 deep breaths & 10 shoulder shrugs

The Commute!

21 Aug


The commute….urgh…..the bain of my life. 3 hours a day gone.

While I was on the train this morning I took a look around to see the same faces, sat in the same seats, reading the same paper…..I was included in this. Surely this isn’t right I thought?! So with begrudging looks I threw my paper away and moved seats. For the rest of my journey I sat back and stared out of the window watching the world go by.

Boy I’ve been missing out! I saw beautiful wild flowers, a family of foxes out for their morning stroll, bee hives & allotments galore with wonderful fruit and veg. It really did give me a positive vibe for the rest of the day in the office (I didn’t even pull a face when I spilt my tea!).

Go on I dare you to daydream on your commute tomorrow….you might just like it : )




Sewing machine where have you been all my life!

26 Mar

6 months after I kept saying ‘I’m definitely going to buy a sewing machine’ I did and well well well…….I’m in love. It’s lovely, shiny and red. Bought from John Lewis for £49….bargain! A brilliant beginner machine which I would highly recommend………. I have named her Bertha.

I haven’t sewed since school and was slightly horrified when reading the machine manual! I remember enjoying my textiles class but at the time was completely obsessed with Take That so obviously found it a little hard to concentrate on sewing 2 pieces of material together! Finally at 30 I’m over my Take That obsession (just) and can concentrate on what I’m doing (sort of). After getting to grips with my lovely red Betha and reading the manual 10 times I was off and boy you can’t stop me now! Thought I’d share some of the projects I’ve done so far.

Cushion with side zip

Makeup bag

Waist Apron


This is me!

15 Mar

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog about life, love and all things crafty. Hope you enjoy x